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TOGETHER WE We empower our people to pioneer innovative solutions for global challenges


In 1989, the leaders of Hong Kong saw a need to build a new, research-focused university to support the city’s future ambitions — to become not just the financial hub of Asia, but also a center of knowledge advancement, economic growth and influence in the Pearl River Delta Region, leveraging Hong Kong’s unique status with China who just recently opened to reforms. The herculean task — building an institution with global ambitions from the ground up — soon attracted a group of high-spirited scholars from around the globe, who embraced the challenge with open arms and started what would become The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology today. Today, HKUST has risen through the ranks and become a global powerhouse in tertiary education as a result of our continuous pursuit of excellence in everything we do, leaving its mark in science, engineering, business and management, humanities and social science, and much more. As the world faces increasingly complex problems, we must take a leadership role in enacting change. The opening of HKUST(Guangzhou) in 2022 has enabled the two campuses in Clear Water Bay and Guangzhou to work closely together to pioneer crossdisciplinary solutions to address global challenges and bring our education, research, knowledge transfer, and entrepreneurial endeavors to a new level. Innovation is in our DNA, and we welcome everyone to join our cause to change people’s lives for the better — as long as you are willing to defy the odds and push yourself beyond your limits to make a difference.

TOGETH The strong foundation of excellence we have built is a remarkable achievement contributed by our dedicated university members who pioneer novel pedagogies, drive cutting-edge research, and turn innovative ideas into practical applications.

HER WE Since its establishment in 1991, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) has grown from Hong Kong’s first research university to today’s world-recognized institution capable of addressing the biggest challenges facing humanity. The strong foundation of excellence we have built is a remarkable achievement contributed by our dedicated university members who pioneer novel pedagogies, drive cutting-edge research, and turn innovative ideas into practical applications. Upholding the deep obligation to make a lasting positive impact on the world, HKUST strives to attract and retain top talents from around the globe to continuously uplift our academic, research and knowledge transfer capabilities to a new level. Our highly diverse and respectful campus renders a conducive and inclusive environment where members of different backgrounds and cultures could come together to explore, co-create, discover and innovate. In expanding our impact, we strive to forge deeper partnerships and collaborations with government, industry, and other sectors of society. With the launch of our new campus in Guangzhou in September 2022, we have opened a new chapter in the University’s history. It provides an unparalleled opportunity for us to further expand our research horizons, invigorate students’ multidisciplinary and whole-person learning, and accelerate lab-to-market technologies in Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area and beyond. We encourage you to explore the abundant opportunities available at our seafront campus. If you aspire to harness new knowledge, innovations, and technologies to change our world for the better, HKUST is sure to help you realize your passion. Professor Nancy Y. IP President, HKUST A NEW ERA OF GROWTH

EMPOWERING UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES HKUST is where possibilities begin. Here, you can explore, be inspired, and realize your full potential. In pursuit of your dreams, you can make your mark by creating a world of difference. As a research university, innovation lies at the heart of who we are, drawing on HKUST’s inner drive and passion to advance the future. This continuous momentum originates from our core belief that knowledge empowers imagination and research delivers impact, leading to game-changing discoveries and productive social change. At HKUST, we always strive to scale the challenging heights of the unknown. We foster a can-do mindset that uncovers novel perspectives, transfers knowledge into applications, and forges new pathways to improve people’s lives. Working together in an environment embracing diversity in all its forms, our students, faculty, alumni, and staff generate a dynamic community of global leaders, inventors, original thinkers, and contributing citizens. Here, we empower infinite possibilities and transform vision into reality.

Global EMBA Ranking in Financial Times for 11 times from 2007 to 2022 #1 World’s Top 500+ Young Universities in Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2022 #3 WE CELE as of Apr 2023

World’s Top 1500 Universities in QS World University Rankings 2023 #40 Partnerships including academic and research collaborations 300+ Global University Employability Ranking 2022 (No. 1 in Hong Kong) #30 EBRATE

HKUST is an intellectual powerhouse leading the advancement of science, engineering, business and management, humanities and social science in a rapidly changing world. We have always been committed to fostering academic originality, innovative spirit, open-mindedness, and a can-do attitude, in addition to our dedication to the pursuit of excellence. Our strong research infrastructure supports world-class scholars in advancing research that addresses key global challenges and priorities as part of our strategic vision. WE DISCOVER WE ARE A GLOBAL RESEARCH UNIVERSITY


WE LEARN WE INSPIRE CREATIVITY THROUGH EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING Our experiential pedagogy cultivates students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and nurtures future global citizens with strong creative and innovation capabilities. Our learning-by-doing teaching method empowers students to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical situations, thereby stimulating and igniting their creative potential creativity and entrepreneurial spirit and better preparing them for future careers. Moreover, to facilitate our students’ effective communication with their counterparts from around the world and to boost their career prospects with international exchange and internship opportunities, our lessons are taught in English as a global language.

Undergraduate Student-initiated Experiential Learning (USEL) Program Students have the freedom to design their own projects and work on their creative ideas under the guidance of faculty members of the School of Engineering. Undergraduate Experiential Opportunities Programs (UxOP) This is part of the Common Core Curriculum that allows students to enjoy experiential learning through making their own choice among the four UxOP programs including “Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program” (UROP), “Undergraduate Teaching Opportunities Program” (UTOP), “Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program” (UPOP), and “Undergraduate Global Challenges and Opportunities Program” (UCOP). While the programs are all inter-disciplinary in nature, each has a different focus offering students various opportunities for research or workplace immersion through which students can acquire and strengthen their competencies essential for study and career development. International Student Competitions HKUST students participate in various competitions to enrich their exposure. The HKUST International Case Competition, organized by our Business School, helps students develop critical thinking and leadership skills pertinent to business issues, while the award- winning Robotics Team has been participating in a variety of competitions to foster innovation and handson experience in the field of robotics. Moreover, the synthetic biology competition iGEM allows students to design and steer their own projects from development to implementation. Arts and Creativity Home to HKUST’s cultural activities and large-scale events, the Shaw Auditorium provides students with rich and deep learning experiences beyond science and technology. It offers 3-credit Technical Theatre Arts course for students to learn the basic knowledge on the production of shows in a professional stage and theatre setting, and gain hands-on experience in stage management, sound design, lighting & video technology.

WECREATE WE NURTURE TOMORROW’S ENTREPRENEURS 9UNICORNS1 1,645 ACTIVE STARTUPS3 HK$400 BILLION+ ECONOMIC IMPACT4 11SUCCESSFUL START-UP EXITS2 (9 IPOs and 2 ACQUISITIONS) HKUST is a breeding ground for nascent entrepreneurs who aspire to become the global leaders of tomorrow and make a positive impact on the world. We work closely with businesses and the community to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in our students and help them build startups by ensuring a well-supported transition from ideation to execution. Our students, faculty, and alumni have received international accolades over the years for their innovative products designed to make our lives better and easier. 1. Total number of unicorns under the strong leadership of HKUST students, alumni and staff as of Apr 2023 2. Total number of successful exits by companies founded/ co-founded by HKUST students, alumni, staff or incubated by HKUST programs or facilities as of Apr 2023 3. Total number of active start-ups founded by HKUST students, alumni, staff or incubated by HKUST programs or facilities as of Oct 2022 4. Total economic impact made by active start-ups founded by HKUST students, alumni, staff or incubated by HKUST programs or facilities as of Oct 2022

One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition This annual competition, launched in 2011 and hosted in multiple cities in the region, enables our faculty, staff, students, and alumni located in Hong Kong, and aspiring entrepreneurs from Beijing and other cities in the Greater Bay Area to pitch big business ideas. Winning teams will be rewarded with seed money to kick-start their businesses. hackUST Asia’s largest student-driven hackathon is an annual event which aims at cultivating innovation and entrepreneurship by providing a platform for students to tackle problems with creative ideas and solutions. It attracts programmers, designers, engineers, and industry experts to develop prototypes and exchange new ideas within 24 to 48 hours.

SUSTAINABILITY At HKUST our research aims to help create socially, environmentally and economically sustainable cities. Modern cities have become increasingly complex in design and interacting systems require special solutions given how quickly change occurs. We approach this through various avenues that marry technology, social sciences, public policy, and the initiatives that allow for change to be implemented. Develop a sense of responsibility for the environment and a strong commitment to sustainable development in our community. Think sustainable in our education, be sensitive to our environment, and contribute to a high quality of life. WE CONTRIBUTE WE FOSTER GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP Smart Cities Our Great Smart Cities Institute is a university-based platform that develops research capabilities, nurtures talent, and facilitates policy formulation to spearhead smart city development in Hong Kong and globally, leading to tremendous opportunities for collaboration with industry partners on research and technology transfer. Health We aim to address global health needs through technology and innovation for the betterment of all citizens of the world. Frontier research projects conducted across our laboratories include Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, autism, global pandemics, and other complex health issues facing mankind today. Net-Zero Carbon Our Sustainability/Net-Zero Office is implementing a bold strategy called the 2028 Sustainability Challenge which sets to cut the campus’ energy consumption by 15%, reduce waste to the landfill by 75%, and limit water consumption to less than 500,000 cubic meters. It is also building a roadmap for the University to meet the goal of becoming a net-zero carbon campus before 2050.

Greater Bay Area Under the “Unified HKUST, Complementary Campuses” framework, HKUST and HKUST(GZ) will nurture forwardthinking citizens who are empathetic, can understand complex societal issues, and are readily adaptable to rapidly changing environments, contributing to the economic and social development of the Area and beyond. Big Data Our Big Data Institute strives to be a leading force in Big Data and Data Science research by offering robust educational programs and cultivating cross-institutional projects that address the evolving needs of industry and society. Living Lab We provide a unique opportunity to bring real-world experiences into our campus by transforming it into a “living laboratory”, mirroring the outside community, testing ideas, investigating social problems, and piloting technologies. HKUST Connect We aim to build civic awareness and develop sustainable partnerships with the wider community, deepening student learning while promoting a benevolent world. By participating in our Changemaker Pathway programs, students will find insights, tools and connections that will inspire them to address real-world needs with empathy, leadership and collaboration. Student Innovation for Global Health Technology (SIGHT) Students coming from different cultural backgrounds work together to create practical solutions to healthcare problems in resource-poor communities such as Cambodia and Indonesia.


A vibrant and colorful student life goes far beyond classrooms and textbooks. At HKUST, we endeavor to help our students make the most of the entire university experience. We devote significant resources to enhance campus facilities and infrastructure, prioritize students’ well-being, and organize diverse activities aimed at broadening their horizons and fostering global, sustainable mindsets.

“HKUST gives us maximum freedom and a dynamic learning and growth environment. Most laboratories are open to students and at the same time they are well managed.” “As graduates of HKUST, we are part of a privileged subset of society who have received a quality education from a worldclass university. I believe it’s our responsibility to give back to society and help others pursue their dreams.” Zhang Yunfei Founder & President, Zhuhai Yunzhou Intelligence Technology Ltd. • 2009 Master of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering • 2020 Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering A huge fan of ship models since his childhood, Yunfei worked with several classmates to develop an unmanned surface vehicle (USV) when pursuing a master’s degree at HKUST. The team later on set up Yunzhou, China’s first unmanned boat company to produce USVs for measuring water depth, mapping underwater topography, environmental protection and monitoring. Terry and his younger brother Terence founded Madhead, the company behind the mobile game “Tower of Saviors” which has become one of the most popular mobile games in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The company is now a leading game development studio in Hong Kong and Asia. In recognition of Madhead’s outstanding achievements, Terry was selected as the 2013 Ernst & Young China Emerging Entrepreneur Category Winner. Terence Tsang Founder & CTO, Madhead • 2006 Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science (Information Engineering) Terry Tsang Founder & CEO, Madhead • 2004 Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering • 2006 Master of Philosophy in Civil Engineering • 2018 Master of Business Administration

WE ARE... “I used to have a ‘finance phobia’. I hated anything commercial and related to money. Now I understand the importance of managing the money side of the art world: ignorance is not bliss.” “The education I received at HKUST has nurtured my critical thinking, sharpening my problem-solving skills to a fine point. It has served as a guiding light, preparing me to take measured risks on the road of entrepreneurship.” A new generation artist who has made a reputation for imagination and sharp insight, Vivian pursued an MBA from HKUST and learned some commercial skills which proved to be complementary with her art career. Part artist, part businesswoman, Vivian is the artistic rebel with a cause. Don obtained his PhD from HKUST and co-founded AQUMON with Kelvin Lei to improve the financial lives of everyone. As the leader of the Quantitative Research team at AQUMON, Don and his team produce the most comprehensive algorithm library in the robo advisory sector in Asia, catering to various institutional and individual needs. Vivian Ho Artist • 2018 Master of Business Administration Don Huang Co-Founder & Head of Quantitative Research, AQUMON • 2008 Master of Science in Mathematics • 2014 PhD in Mathematics

FIGURES AT A GLANCE 10 Research Institutes 17,581* Students 54 Research Centers and Joint Research Units 740+ Faculty Members and Teaching Staff Members *Data as of September 2022

STUDENT NUMBERS (AS OF SEP 2022) View more SCHOOLS AND INSTITUTES •School of Science •School of Engineering •School of Business and Management •School of Humanities and Social Science •Academy of Interdisciplinary Studies •HKUST Jockey Club Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) •HKUST Institute for Public Policy Science Engineering Business & Management Humanities & Social Science Interdisciplinary Studies Joint School Programs total : 3,557 total : 6,006 total : 5,197 total : 907 total : 1,085 total : 829 1,350 2,473 1,670 558 767 285 2,207 3,533 3,527 349 318 544 Postgraduates Undergraduates

STUDENT NUMBERS ACADEMIC YEAR 22-23 9,355 8,226 LOCAL NON-LOCAL 6,236 (75.8%) 1,528 (18.6%) 462 (5.6%) Mainland China Other places in Asia Rest of the world NATIONALITIES 75+

SCHOOL RANKINGS WORLD’S TOP 28 in Civil & Structural Engineering in QS 2023 WORLD’S TOP 42 Global MBA Ranking in Financial Times in 2023 WORLD’S TOP 45 in Materials Sciences in QS 2023 WORLD’S TOP 55 in Social Sciences & Management in QS 2023 View more

A HUB OF GREAT MINDS The University attracts globally acclaimed scholars from leading universities of different regions. Our diverse faculty members are engaged in many emerging and dynamic fields. The pioneering HKUST Jockey Club Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) is creating a powerful interdisciplinary academic hub and research base to stimulate creative thinking, draw gifted students and eminent faculty, and serve as Asia’s premier intellectual center. Prof. Andrew COHEN Prof. Bright SHENG Prof. Sir Christopher PISSARIDES Prof. George SMOOT Prof. Khaled Ben LETAIEF Prof. Charles NG Prof. Gunther UHLMANN Prof. YAN Lianke Prof. LUK Kam-Biu

FACULTY Fully 100% of our university faculty team* holds doctoral degrees, mostly from top-notch universities. • Boston • Brown • Cambridge • Carnegie-Mellon • Chicago • Columbia • Cornell • Duke • Harvard • Illinois • London • Maryland • Michigan • MIT • New York • Northwestern • Oxford • Pennsylvania • Princeton • Purdue • Southern California • Stanford • Toronto • UBC • UC Berkeley • UCLA • Washington • Yale * Tenure track faculty – Assistant Professor or above


Local, national and international awards and recognition exemplify our scholars’ combined efforts to make a difference through science and technology. Scan the QR code below to view more award-winning faculty members over the years. 2023 Guggenheim Fellowship 2023 Ralph B. Peck Award 2023 Fellow of Optica 2023 IEEE Fellows 2023 Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society 2023 Outstanding Associate Editor Award by the Management Information Systems Quarterly 2022-23 RGC Senior Research Fellow 2022-23 RGC Collaborative Research Fund 2022-23 RGC Early Career Award 2022 Croucher Tak Wah Mak Innovation Award 2022 Croucher Senior Research Fellowship 2022 Edwin Howard Armstrong Achievement Award 2022 Honorary Doctoral Degree, University of Johannesburg 2022 Xplorer Prize 2022 Microwave Prize 2022 AAAI Fellow 2022 Excellent Young Scientist 2022 Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress, Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation 2022 Geotechnical Research Medal 2022 Gold Award (Organisation Category) in the CIC Common Data Environment Award 2022 Emerging Investigator by the Royal Society of Chemistry Nanoscale 2022 Fellow, Asian Aerosol Research Assembly 2022 Best Project Award for the China Government Employee Database 2022 The 6th Lee Hochul Literary Prize for Peace 2022 Senior Fellow of the Asian Bureau of Finance and Economic Research 2022 Best Paper Awards by the Academy of Management View more

Going forward, HKUST seeks to attract and retain world class talent , and expand its sphere of influence to the Greater China Region and the world. GO BEYOND

Grooming well-rounded students goes beyond the classroom, therefore our multi-purpose Shaw Auditorium is a central and important space for many teaching and cultural programs that will nurture aptitudes for creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving, the skills required for success in the increasingly globalized yet challenging society. Regionally, HKUST(GZ) serves as an important foothold for HKUST to assume a pivotal role in boosting innovation and technology development in the Greater Bay Area, as we continue to nurture talent to tackle the dire challenges of the 21st century, such as aging populations, pandemics and the climate crisis. From its home base, HKUST has been cultivating changes in thinking and behavior to resolve increasingly complex and evolving issues. Starting with sustainability, the newly established Sustainability/Net-Zero Office has implemented a bold strategy called the 2028 Sustainability Challenge which will synchronize with the Hong Kong government’s plan to halve carbon emissions before 2035 and become fully carbon neutral by 2050. This will further strengthen our standing as a local and global sustainability leader. Learn more about HKUST(GZ) 202306

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