A Glance at HKUST 2019-2020

active global institutional academic and research partnerships 與全球315 家大學結成夥伴 ,開展學術與科研合作 109 postgraduate students admitted to the first cohort, 149 to second cohort 已錄取首批 109 名及第二批 149 名研究生 Shaw Auditorium, the new landmark for arts performance and large-scale events housing up to 1,300 audiences , is expected to complete in 2021. 逸夫演藝中心預計於2021年落成,此新校園地標為大型藝術表演及活動提供場地,可容 納 1,300名觀眾 ShawAuditorium 逸夫演藝中心 Located in Nansha, Guangzhou and scheduled to open in fall 2022 , HKUST(GZ) spans 1.1km 2 , nearly doubling the size of the Clear Water Bay (CWB) campus. 位處廣州南沙的香港科技大學(廣州),佔地 1.1平方公里 ,面積超出清水灣校園接近兩倍,預計於 2022年秋季 啟用 4 hubs and 16 thrust areas to complement the discipline-based foundation at the CWB campus and foster cross-disciplinary research 設有 4 大樞 紐與 16學域 ,與清水灣校園以學科主導的架構相輔相成,促進跨學科研究 GROWTH AND COMPETITIVENESS 擴展實力 Advancing academic and research excellence 追求學術及科研卓越 315 3% (9) 1% (2) 1% (5) 36% (113) 34% (108) 25% (78) Geographical Distribution of Global Partnership 全球夥伴院校分佈 Africa 非洲 Oceania 大洋洲 Europe 歐洲 North America 北美 Latin America 拉丁美洲 Asia 亞洲 Campus development at Clear Water Bay campus 清水灣校園再添新基建 Global Graduate Tower completed to provide 504 beds for accommodation . 賽馬會集賢樓於年內竣工,提供 504 個宿位 Global Graduate Tower 賽馬會集賢樓 樞紐 學域 Seizing GBA opportunities with the establishment of HKUST (GZ) 創建港科大 (廣州) ,抓緊大灣區機遇 1 . 1km 2 4 hubs thrust areas 16 4 new joint research units with industrial partners taking lab knowledge to market covering: robotics, smart manufacturing, and new materials, among others. 夥同業界成立 4個新聯合研究所 ,將 實驗室成果推出市場 ,如機械人科技、智能製造及新材料 5 new strategic partnerships established to collaborate on research projects covering: 締結 5項新策略夥伴合作協議 ,開展相關研究,包括: Brain Science 腦科學 Ocean Research 海洋研究 Data Science, Machine Learning 數據科學、機器學習 5 strategic partnerships 項策略夥伴合作協議 4 joint research units 個聯合研究所 Robotics 機械人科技 Smart Manufacturing 智能製造 New Materials 新材料

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